Start of halloween events (part 1)


Halloween is in the area! To celebrate, some events will take place until the end of this month.

In the first stage of the event:

Daily Helpya Quests are now rewarded: 

1x Pinky Daily Cloud
1x Pumpkin Cursed Mark (1 hour)

In the mixmaster world, you will find pumpkins appearing in different areas. Kill it to get halloween items, including the Mysterious Halloween Box!

Mysterious Halloween Box item list:
1x Pumpkin Cursed Mark (1 hour) *expires even if not connected
1x Baby Blackened Transformer
3x Return Scroll
1x Battle Amazonez Transformer (5 days)
1x Boardgon Transformer (5 days)
1x Punchdra Transformer (5 days)
1x Braki Transformer (5 days)
3x Colorful Megaphone
1x Dark Halloween Cloud (30m)
1x Pumpkin cookies
10x Halloween Special Candy
1x Cursed Premium Mark (60 minutes) *expires even if not connected

The witch sisters are back and now you have a new chance to get Jack O 'Lantern!

Talk to Young Witch in Herseba to start the quest. Once completed, you will receive: Jack O 'Lantern 1 (Lv.100)

Next step is to talk with Middle Witch in VeHerseba to start the upgrade quest. Once completed, you will receive: Jack O 'Lantern 1 (Lv.150)

The next step is to talk with Old Witch in Mekrita to start the 3rd quest. Once completed, you will receive: Jack O 'Lantern 1 (Lv.180)

After completing the 3 stages of the witches' missions, speak to the sorcerer's apprentice, located in Magirita. She will guide you on a new mission to get Jack O 'Lantern Final (Lv.191)

New, even more powerful versions for Jack O Lantern will be available throughout the event. 

The second part of Halloween event will take place after October 25


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