MixMaster's Black Friday!


Ready for this Black Friday?

At MixMaster, you also get exclusive discounts! But remember, it is for a limited time!

Starting today, November 26 and ending on November 28, at 11:59 PM, the promotions will be active!

Take advantage of Black Friday to charge and evolve your account!

During the promotion period, you will have access to the following promotions:

* 30% more cash charge!
In addition to promotional packages that appear during the event, all standard packages in the recharge area will be increased by 30%! The values ​​are already calculated on the top-up page. You will be able to see exactly how many points you will receive (Remember: when you top up your account with CP points, you receive the same amount purchased in AP points to be used in the AP Store).

* 15%~25% OFF - MixMall exclusive discounts!
MixMall items will also have exclusive discounts ranging from 15% to 25%!

* 20% OFF in AP Store!
During the promotion, the AP store will also have a 20% discount on all items!

An exclusive hench!
If you top up (of any amount) in your account between November 26th and 27th (Black Friday event), you will receive an exclusive mysterious hench!

The hench cannot be transferred or exchanged and its level can be chosen from 120~200 at the NPC that will be available on December 5th (The hench will only be revealed on that date). Only 1 hench per account.

Event ends: November 28, 00:00:00 11:59 AM


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