In search of birds (event quest)

Hello masters!

In the coming days, the collector will be looking for birds and has 3 special quests for you.

Upon completing each quest, you will receive:

1x Collector's Badge
+1 Free Skill Point (to distribute on your character)

If you get the 3 collector's badges, on February 5 you can exchange it for the hench: 

Shadow Harpy (Lv.175)

Get ready:

The henchs required in each quest part are:

Part 1: Jan. 19 ~ Jan. 23

    Dark Crusher (Lv.132)

Part 2: Jan. 24 ~ Jan. 28

    Pioki (Lv.140)

Part 3: Jan. 29 ~ Feb. 04

    New Griffin (Lv.132)

Part 4: Feb. 05 ~

3x Collector's Badge

If you didn't get Shadow Harpy in the past, this is your chance.

New missions will be introduced to make Shadow Harpy even more powerful.


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