Happy Valentines Day!

 Hello masters!

To celebrate the Valentine's Day holiday we have brought some events to help you on your adventure!

[1] During this period, the boost rates will be: 12x EXP / 12x CORE / 12x ITEM  (from Feb. 13 ~ until Feb. 20)

[2] New marks are temporarily available in the mixmall (from Feb. 13 ~ until Feb. 20): 

 Lovely Mark (M), Lovely Mark (G), Lovely Mark (GG)

[3] Love Gamble Box available in MixMall Spending Rewards  (from Feb. 13 ~ until Feb. 20)

 Love Gamble Box

For every 3000 points spent on MixMall, you can redeem (exchange the points for) the Love Gamble Box, which when opened, will give you one of the items (randomly):

3x Blessed Fruit of Life
2x Blessed Synergy Upgrade Potion
1x M Lovely Mark (3 hours)
1x G Lovely Mark (3 hours)

[4] Helpya Daily Quest has been updated (from Feb. 13 ~ Feb. 16)

During the period, the Boxters born around cities will be dropping the Rose of the valley. Collect these rare roses and take it to Helpya along with some Special Artreia Coin (M) to receive the Attendance Pink Cloud (180 minutes) + a Lovely Mark (3h)

Attendance Pink Cloud (180 minutes) - Time decrease even if you are not connected to game.
Event item
Hero, Hench experience 4x
Item drop probability 4x
Core drop probability 4x
Move speed 3x Increase
Hero Attack +10

Lovely Mark (3h) (event) - Time decrease even if you are not connected to game.
Mark Item
Required Level: 30
Hero Exp 6x/Hench Exp 6x Increase
Item Drop Rate 9x Increase
GP Drop 5x Increase
Core Drop Rate 11x Increase.

The quest can be repeated once a day until the end of the event.


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