Maintenance completed. Patch notes.

Maintenance was completed successfully and below are the changes:

[1] We updated GameClient to correct the problem with the Master Valor +20 level (now you can use henchs 20 levels above yours without problems, if you have completed the Master Valor mission). 

- In this client update, some computers may not download the latest version of the executable correctly, in which case you should receive the error: "Version Error" on the character selection screen. 

To solve this problem, please download the patch manually (by clicking here) and extract it into the game folder OR download the game client again.

[2] We prepared GameClient for the new updates (new maps and henchs [lv165~175] [lv215~217]) and for Easter events, which will be announced soon.

[3] For balance testing, we added the following effects to SET DIVINE level 185:
* Achilles +ALL 40% increase
* Achilles damage received on PvP is reduced by 20%
* Hench attack damage increased by 7%
These effects are applied when using the complete set.

[4] Some texts and descriptions have been corrected.


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